The Holy Land is the spot where it all started. You’ve probably held studies about Issac, Jacob, Sara and Lea. You’ve spent entire sermons discussing David’s triumph over Goliath and Solomon’s temple. The reality, though, is that studying the Word and seeing where it happened are two very different things.

We are natives of Bethlehem in the Holy Land. It’s a land that has played a powerful role in our lives and our faith, and over the years, we’ve had many pastors and friends ask us to accompany them to experience Biblical history firsthand, in a space we know so well. We’ve seen many people reshape their faith on these visits, and there’s nothing like the beauty of the Holy Land to make God’s word come alive. 

We would love to speak to you about designing a visit for you and your family. We know how influential this place can be, and we can help you decide where best to rekindle your faith. Maybe Cana in Galilee where Jesus performed his first miracle would be at the top of your list. Perhaps reading the Sermon on the Mount while standing on the Mount of Beatitudes is more important. For you and your family, this may not be just a vacation, it’s a pilgrimage that will change the way you look at God’s word. 

When can we connect and help you design a journey that retraces Jesus’ steps or prioritizes the Biblical settings you find most important? 

Mariam Awwad 

President  / Co-Founder