Why Get travel insurance?

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Vacations, especially pilgrimages to the Holy Land, can take a year to save for, but only a second to ruin. Travel insurance offers protection in the event of many of life’s unexpected surprises. iHolyLandTours is proud to partner with AIG’s world class Travelers Insurance Program. 

Travelers Insurance is an inexpensive service that can help mitigate the following (and more):

Trip Cancellations from causes such as:

  • Accidental injury, sickness, or death of you, a traveling companion or a family member
  • Weather events that cause cancellations in travel plans or a cessation of service
  • Mandatory evacuation ordered by local authorities at your destination due to hurricane or other natural disaster
  • Strike that causes complete cessation of travel services of your carrier
  • Emergency Medical Coverage and Evacuations

Emergency Medical Coverage:

  • Get full medical service fully covered in the event of an emergency
  • Access to overseas pharmacies for emergency/lost prescriptions
  • Emergency Medical Evacuations

Much More:

  • Depending on your plan, Travelers Insurance can cover any number of unexpected events, but also to provide lost item support, travel advise, and any number of services too numerous to list here.

Why buy a Travel Guard® travel insurance plan?

With a Travel Guard® travel insurance policy, you’ll have valuable coverage that travels with you and your family. They are America’s leading provider of travel insurance plans and assistance programs and they’re here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.